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There is a sense of frustration and sadness that comes when your pet runs away and gets lost. It becomes a real-life nightmare for pet owners.

What do you do when your pup gets away from you and you can’t find them? Finding your dog may feel impossible with the extra effort of creating a search party and putting up lost photos. Of course, we all try our best to protect and secure our pets, but accidents can happen. Even the best pet owners can find themselves in this situation so it’s important not to panic.
Pets normally run away when scared then activate their fight or flight mode. It can happen to any dog if they feel threatened. The best form of prevention for their nerves is to keep your pet as calm as possible. Berks Pet Care is here to help you avoid losing your pet and increase your chances of getting them back.

The Microchip

Easily the most important item to have that will get your dog back is the microchip. It is a cheap yet priceless way of having your information with them wherever they get to without a collar. Any veterinary practice should be able to scan your pet then contact you. We believe this is the most reliable way to get your pet back if they get lost. Make sure you keep all your chip information up to date.


It may seem like a no-brainer, but thoroughly training your dog when distracted can be the difference from getting lost. If your dog is unreliable take extra precautions and more methods of training. This makes them less likely to flee when distracted or nervous. If that doesn’t work, carrying treats on you will likely get your pet back to your side.

Securing Your Home

The defense is the best offensive when it comes to pet care. Secure your home, and lawn by addressing areas where your pet could escape and fix them. The easiest thing we recommend if you can afford is to get a fence. Even the best pet can get distracted and want to travel away from their home.
Proper Restraints
It’s likely your pet will be lost when a walk or away from the home in general. They may intentionally or accidentally get loose. If you have do not have the proper restraints aka a leash, your chances for your pet to escape increase. Find reliable carriers and make sure your leash fit for your type of dog. Ensure the collar and leash are secure on your pet to make sure they cannot break free.

Collar Tags

Your pet should have a name, number, and address on their collar. If possible, provide two phone numbers for the collar tag. We advise making sure the collar tag is tight and secure. If the tag somehow gets removed, replace it. Berks Pet Care believes the tag should be combined with the microchip in case the scan does not work. On top of the tag, it’s worth adding your phone number to the collar itself. Simply write it on the collar with a marker. Unlike a tag, this can>t get lost, and you can probably write bigger, so it’s clear from a distance.

Keep Papers Present

When your pet gets lost you will have to show proof of ownership. Make sure all paperwork on your pup is all up to date and in order. Keep a record of nearby shelter numbers/contact details so you can get in touch quickly if your pet goes missing.

Pets can and will get lost. It is important to be mindful of your pet responses and to try to calm their nerves before they panic and flee. If you have any questions online contact form or contact us at (610) 467-7003.

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