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The key to a happy life is a healthy dog or something like that. Berks Pets Care has been taking care of pets for years and knows a few ways to help keep your pupper healthy to live a long life.

Our dogs love us for their whole life and the best way to keep them in ours is by helping them lead a healthy life! Having a pet pupper goes further than learning how to potty train or even cleaning all the fur off your furniture. Just like a baby, new dog owners need to have routine vet check-ups. The rule of thumb is to treat your dog’s life like you treat your own; make sure your dog gets visits to the vet. Not just a once in a while effort. Berks Pet Care has some tips on how to have your dog live their life to the maximum.

Brush Your Dogs Fur

Yes, it may seem silly. How can brushing your dog’s fur keep them healthy? When you see a dog is shedding more than twice a year it may come from nutritional deficiencies. Take some time to build a bond with your pup by giving them a good brushing. You can also take that time to check your dog for skin issues like fleas, ticks, or lumps.

Feeding Your Dog Healthy Foods

We always recommend FDA-approved foods for your pup. Every food for pets today may seem healthy, so it’s important to do your research.  On top of that, a lot of the time we may be overfeeding our pets and don’t realize it. Like our cereal boxes, dog food packages have serving sizes so it’s important to make sure you are following the correct feeding guidelines for the size and age of your pets.

Exercise Regularly

Pets need an ample amount of exercise to continue living a healthy long life. Just like humans if pets are overeating but not exercising there will be health problems in the near future. Not to mention your dog will be bored! Berks Pet Care recommends a full hour of exercise.


This goes hand in hand with exercise. Dogs can’t be cooped up in apartments or cages all day! Before these peppers were domesticated they would have had a pack and played with their parents and offspring. The best way to keep your dog healthy is to have them socialize with other dogs! Having them around other pets will keep them healthy, and happy.


This completes a trifecta with socialization and exercise. Our dogs need affection and love whenever we can them which makes everyone happy in the process. This creates a bond for you and your pet; you wouldn’t live a happy life without each other.

Know Their Behavior

Knowing your dog is to love them so to know their behavior creates intimacy. Knowing your dog’s behavior can help your dog live a long life. When your pet is having unusual behavior is normally a sign of health issues. Understanding their happiness and their behavior can help to give your dog a happy life just by knowing them.

Understanding your pet will help them lead a happy life, and with the proper care provided by the owner will give them optimal health. Dog owners, we know your love and guidance will help lead your dogs to live their best life. Of course, we have more tips to keep your dog as healthy as possible. Contact us at (610) 467-7003 or use our online contact form.

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