dog odor

Although dogs may be unaware of their scent, humans aren’t! Berks Pet Care is here with some tips to help eliminate dog odor.

We love our puppers, even when their scent can be strong. So, how can we help eliminate the pungent dog odor? Don’t worry, any odor can be subsided! Berks Pet Care has some necessary steps, and precautions for you to help cease the smells. Here are a few tips and tricks to have your dog smelling fresher while keeping your home and pet clean.

Go Deep

Sometimes it seems like the stench is everywhere when your dog isn’t around. That’s because it is. The way to combat the odor is by going through your carpets, sheets, and other items and giving them an intense scrub and cleaning. Even if you do not allow your pets to be on furniture, the stench can still get into your couch. This is because the pet’s saliva, fur, and paws can trap the smell into your items easily.  Start by removing cushions, linens, pillowcases, and other items of that nature and giving them an intense cleaning. Before cleaning carpets, we recommend vacuuming them first. This will help get rid of dandruff and fur that may have been trapped.

Baking Soda

After your cleaning and everything is back to normal utilize baking soda. Deep cleaning can be good yearly, while baking soda on your furniture can help reduce dog odor because it naturally removes odors.  Also, it reduced smells without a strong odor from the soda itself. Put the baking soda in areas your dog normally stays.


As we stated above, vacuuming is an underrated way to remove scents, and doubles down in use for a clean home! A good vacuuming session can prevent dog odors from building up on your furniture and carpets. If you have the time, Berks Pet Care recommends vacuuming at least twice a month.

Brushing Teeth

It’s very likely the worst scent from your dog is coming from their mouth. We recommend you try your best to clean your dog’s teeth daily to help with their hygiene as well as reducing odor around your home. There are also dog treats that help with reducing odor and cleaning your dog’s teeth.

Washing Dog Beds

Likely the worst odors come from the dog beds. While your pet rests, their beds get covered in fur, dander, hair, saliva, and dirt from their paws. The greatest way of reducing your pet’s odor comes from their beds. Normally most dog beds are machine washable. It can be left out to air dry or you could machine dry it depending on the bed’s instructions. Generally, this will reduce the pet dander and particles floating around your home while keeping your air fresher.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers for pet odors can have a massive impact on a reduction in scent.  Berks Pet Care recommends buying a HEPA filter. These filters capture 99.7% of pollutant particles like pet hair and dander.

We know you love your puppers, and would do anything for them, but do not forget to take care of your home as well! Keeping your loved ones clean will elevate some stress and keep your senses clear of funky scents. If you have any questions about ceasing your dogs odor, contact us at (610) 467-7003 or use our online contact form.

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