fire safety

Berks Pet Care knows during the summertime owners will have fire pits and fireworks. Because of these moments coming up, we wanted to give you tips to keep your furry friends safe.

Who doesn’t love a cool summer night by the fire? Of course, we want to have fun but we also need to have a safe summer. When it comes to fire and fire safety generally there are obvious rules to follow that we feel need to be rehashed. Not to mention pets can also be responsible for creating accidental fires. So, how can you prevent these accidents? Berks Pet Care has some tips!

No Unattended Open Flames

Yes, this may seem like a simple rule but many do not follow it. Pets are curious creatures, so do not let them become overly curious. We like to think of placing the same rules for your pets that you would have for your own children. Be cautious and overly protective because you love them! Try your best to keep all pets away from unattended fires as they might hurt themselves and knock over the fire source. Little steps to prevent fires like taking off stove knobs, or making sure no electrical chords are exposed can help prevent any incidents.

Secure Your Home

Although pets will cause accidents its best to stay prepared. We highly recommend keeping extra batteries for your fire alarms. Another small thing is a pet sign in your window for firefighters in case of fire safety situations. Also, consider having an emergency medical kit for your pets! Try to keep essential items like documents and a leash in an easy to reach location. Generally, we believe you should have an ID on your pet in case you become separated. Include their name, their address, and the owner’s information (that’s you!).

We know it’s not a topic that you want to discuss but it could happen. So, we want you to be calm and be prepared at any given notice. Finally, if you have any more questions regarding fire safety or safety in general please give us a call at (610) 467-7003 or use our online contact form.

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