dog care

We all want the best for our furry friends and will do everything for them.

Dog owners everywhere want their best for them. Basically, it is our job to provide to give our dogs the best life. When it comes to providing that life, we may want the best items for them. Berks Pet Care is happy to provide you a few items that all owners should consider a need. Here are some of our essential dog gear items for first-time owners.


This item, along with collars, is an essential item. For example, many public parks require your dog to be on leashes while entering. When it comes time to pick a dog leash, keep in mind the material it is made up of, as well as it’s strength and size. The leash you choose should of high quality, and most high-quality leashes will only cost about $30 dollars.


A quality collar could not be more essential!  Some of the best dog collars are durable and comfortable (for the animal, of course). We understand you may want a more stylish and vibrant collar to give your furry friend some style but likely those collars are not well made. If you decide to still find a more stylish collar, we consider doing some research before making a purchase.

Dog Food

Because of today’s market, dog foods are far and wide. Back in the day, only several dog foods existed. Now, the variety is immense. So, finding the right dog food is a need. For instance, if your dog may have bad breath there are foods that help quell the bad breath. Having the right ingredients to help fortify and strengthen your pupper is something to keep in mind. By making sure that the food is from actual meat and to not be blinded by the flashy packaging is good dog care.

Lastly, these little dog gear items are a massive start even if they seem so small. Being a pet owner means nailing the tiniest details to make sure your furry friend is happy. Give us a call at (610) 467-7003 or use our online contact form.

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