Because of COVID-19 we must stay home with our family and pets.

Presently, everyone has questions about how this virus and our pets. Berks Pet Care is here with some answers for your questions.

Can My Pet Give Me COVID-19?

Currently, there is no evidence that animals spread COVID-19 to humans. We recommend that you practice social distancing and following CDC guidelines. Although there has been reported cases within pets, they do not show any clinical signs of the virus.

If I Get it, Can I Give it to My Pets?

It is recommended that you go into quarantine if you have the virus. That means you should stay away from pets as well as other people. However, if you are the primary caregiver of the pet, wear a face mask and gloves when coming into contact. Also, wash your hands before and after contact. Try to play it as safe as possible.

What Should I Do if My Pet Gets Sick?

Of course, we always recommend taking your pet to vet if they get sick. Generally, vets are precautious when it comes to COVID-19 so the visits may be different than the norm.

Did COVID Come From Pets?

Basically, it came from an animal then jumped onto humans. There is no way of telling where the exact source came from. It is to be said that the origin came from Wuhan, China. Just because animals may have been the origin of the disease there is no evidence that they are transmitted the virus.

We understand that these are timid times, but it is best to practice CDC guidelines and to be as safe as possible. If you have any questions, contact us at (610) 467-7003 or use our online contact form.



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