Does your dog have a random case of the Zoomies? Pet owners everywhere have been asking what are they and if their pet is okay. Berks Pet Care is here to explain.

It is usually alarming seeing your dog break out in sprints inside your home. However, you notice their joy and playful mannerisms and become curious. Thanks to social media, you may be familiar with the term, “Zoomies”, but what does it mean? Essentially, Frequent Random Activity Periods aka FRAP, is an outburst of contained energy.

Generally, Zoomies do not last long. Also, they are common in various dog breeds. FRAP normally happens in younger dogs, but it could happen at any age.

When Does FRAP Happen?

Usually, dogs get FRAP in the morning because FRAP is releasing pent up energy. However, they can happen at anytime especially if they are excited or feeling some emotion. Also, the emotion can make other dog get the zoomies too. Now time for the most important question: Is FRAP safe and normal?

Evidently, FRAP is normal for dogs. It can happen for any breed, any age, and gender. While FRAP is normal, you should make sure your pet is safe running around. When you see your dog go berserk with FRAP, try to get them outside to fully run around. Because they may feeling wild, furniture and other items may be destroyed if they’re inside your home.

How Can You Stop Zoomies?

Although it may be cute and funny to see your dog run it can sometimes get in the way. Berks Pet Care suggests calming your dog, playing with them or walking them regularly, and letting them know when it is playtime. There will be times FRAP will take over, and you will have to just sit back and watch the outbursts happen.

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