new pet owners

Congrats! You are an owner of a loving pet. You are in for a beautiful relationship, but there will be bumps. Berks Pet Care is here with advice for pet owners.

We love our furry friends so much! Because of the bond humans and animals share, we want to become a pet owner but may not understand what comes with that title. Just like any new relationship, you can’t jump in head first. So, we have a few key pieces of advice to help teach new pet owners.

Be Calm

Firstly, patience is key. A younger pet will be like taking care of baby. Pets can destroy items in your house, wake you up abruptly, and mess with your tranquility at times, but you must remain calm and patient. Teaching your pet the rules of your home in their early life is crucial.

The Right Time to Play

Whenever you have some free time, allow your dog or other animal to play and have fun. For example, dogs need to be walked, but also they need to hear communication from their owners.  Try your best to not leave your pet alone all day. Of course, we know you can’t spend every hour with your pet, but make sure you spend as much time with them as you can.

Use the Vet

Generally, a veterinary is not a need until there is an emergency. However, Berks Pet Care believes that taking your pet for general checkups is the right way. An annual examination could prevent possible diseases.


A pet is a member of your family. However, there should only be one pet owner. They should be the authority figure of the pet. The role of the single pet owner should be walking, providing food, to train, and to protect. Choose that one person in the house to fill that role.

Give Them Love

Pets are creatures with feelings and emotions. Every pet needs care and also love. Take an opportunity to tell your pet that you love them, and make ways to show the love. For example, a nice gentle pet or telling your pet you love them and appreciate them.

If you need help caring for your new family member while you are away form home, give us a call at (610) 467-7003 or use our online contact form.

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